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Storm Damage

Your Trusted Johnson City Roofing Contractor

Residence Roofing & Restoration is the most trusted roofing contractor for Johnson City. Our team of professionals is guaranteed to meet all your property's roofing needs!

Our roofing specialists offer a range of services, including roof repairs to entire roof replacement. Call 423-516-9432 today!

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Why Choose Us As Your Preferred Roofing Company

You can rest easy knowing you put your trust in the best roofing contractor around! We at Residence Roofing & Restoration will treat your property with the utmost care and do the best job possible every time.

When looking for a roofing contractor, we're the ones to call, so don't hesitate to dial 423-516-9432 today!

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Our Complete Roofing Services

No roofing project is too large for us. We take pride in being a reliable roofing contractor. We work hard to provide you with professional service that guarantees your satisfaction, no matter the job!

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Roof Replacements

Roof Replacements

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Damage Repairs

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance


Storm Damage? Haag Certified Roof Inspections

We are a Haag Certified roofing contractor. We can provide proper roof inspection for hail damage from storms and properly repair your roof.

Our Haag Certified roof inspection service means you are getting the best treatment for your roof. You'll get full repair and replacement services, and not just a patch job that any other roofing contractor can provide.

Your roof is in good hands with us here at Residence Roofing & Restoration!

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Siding Repairs And Replacement

The upkeep of your home's siding is necessary for your home's overall structural integrity.

We provide siding repairs and replacement so that your walls are protected, and fresh siding can even boost your home's curb appeal!

Enjoy your beautiful home for longer by scheduling our services for a professional siding repair or replacement today.


Gutter Replacement

Gutters are an often overlooked yet extremely vital aspect of your property. That's why we offer a gutter replacement service.

Gutters keep water flowing away from your home's foundation. This protects you against pooling water that can cause irreparable damage.

For the best preventative care, be sure to have us here at Residence Roofing & Restoration provide an expert gutter replacement.

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Towns We Service

Below is a list of the towns we are honored to provide our services to:



Upgrading to a Stunning Copper Metal Roof in Greeneville, TN

Upgrading to a Stunning Copper Metal Roof in Greeneville, TN

We are excited to share with you our recent Roof Replacement project in Greeneville, TN. Residence Roofing & Restoration had the opportunity to work on a home that had suffered wind damage to its roof. The homeowner decided to not only repair the damages but also […]

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Siding Replacement Project in Unicoi, TN with Residence Roofing & Restoration

Siding Replacement Project in Unicoi, TN with Residence Roofing & Restoration

Residence Roofing & Restoration recently completed a siding replacement project in Unicoi, TN. The homeowner had expressed a desire to enhance the appearance of their home, which had the same siding color for over 30 years. Our team was thrilled to take on the challenge and […]

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Roof Repair: Addressing a Leaking Chimney in Erwin, TN

Roof Repair: Addressing a Leaking Chimney in Erwin, TN

Residence Roofing & Restoration recently completed a Roof Repairs project in Erwin, TN. The job involved addressing a leaking chimney that was causing damage to the interior of the house. Our team conducted a thorough inspection and identified that the issue was due to faulty chimney […]

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Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

If you have a few loose, cracked, or missing shingles, then you can call us for a roof repair. Normal wear on your roof likely leads to the need for routine repairs, and this is preventative care for your home.

If you notice a leak in your roof, a repair might fix the problem as well. However, multiple leaks or large holes underneath cracked or missing shingles could require roof replacement.

We offer both of these services so that you can rest easy knowing the roof over your head is secure!

We don't recommend climbing onto your roof after a storm to check for the damage yourself. It might be difficult to tell if there's damage unless there are obvious leaks or holes that you can see from the inside.

We offer a Haag Certified roof inspection to thoroughly check for damage. We also provide roof repairs, so that your roof remains sound even after a storm.

Whether the storm caused damage requiring minor repairs or an entire roof replacement, you'll be glad you called 423-516-9432. Our roofing contractors provide the best services around!

We provide a thorough roof inspection by checking the material of your roof and the age of the roof. This review allow us to assess what repairs may be necessary and how specifically to remedy your roof issues.

Your roof is in good hands. We are expert roofers and can spot the smallest leaks and loose shingles that are easy to miss. We provide repairs that are unmatched so you can rest assured knowing you received the best job well done!

We do so much more than just repair and install new siding!

We are also the best roofers around. We provide a host of services such as roof inspections, repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

Whether you need roof services for regular wear from old age, or you need storm damage repairs, we provide all of these!

Gutter guard installation is another service we proudly and expertly offer!

No matter your property's needs, we've got you covered.

Call 423-516-9432 today to have one of our Residence Roofing & Restoration roof contractors provide the best roofing, siding, and gutter services for your Johnson City property!


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