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No More Leaky Roofs

No More Leaky Roofs

Leaky roofs are a common occurrence in many homes. It's often portrayed humorously with a bucket full of water underneath as the family goes on about their day, paying no mind to the constant dripping sound.

However common this type of roof damage may be, it's certainly important to take care of it immediately. Instead of letting water pool in a bucket underneath the leak, call us at 423-516-9432 today for the best roof repairs around!

We at Residence Roofing & Restoration are the best roofing contractor for all your roofing needs. We'll take care of any and all leaks!

Prevent Mold Growth From Leaks

Small leaks might not seem like a problem or only a small annoyance from a dripping sound. However, they can actually be detrimental to the safety and structural integrity of your home.

When water is allowed to seep into your home, it can foster the perfect environment for mold growth, especially if it comes in through the roof. If water penetrates your walls, danage spread throughout the home before it even becomes noticeable.

Mold is a health hazard, but it can be prevented if your roof is maintained and free from leaks! We're the roofing contractor to call for all your roofing needs.

Schedule roof repairs from our professionals here at Residence Roofing & Restoration as soon as you notice or suspect a leak to act as the best preventative care for your home.

Don't Risk DIY Leak Repairs

Climbing onto your roof already is a risky task. If you see or suspect a leak, it can be even more dangerous as you risk falling through it due to possible soft spots or holes.

Even if you climb up safely, some of the tools and materials used for roof repairs can be difficult to handle.

For your safety, you should call us here at Residence Roofing & Restoration to provide safe and accurate roof repairs so you can rest easy.

For the best roof repairs around, call 423-516-9432 to have a professional from us here at Residence Roofing & Restoration take care of your property and prevent any further damage!

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