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Revitalized Roof Replacement in Johnson City, TN

Revitalized Roof Replacement in Johnson City, TN

Residence Roofing & Restoration is proud to showcase a recently completed roof replacement project in the heart of Johnson City, TN. Our client's home, with a roof prematurely aged at just ten years, presented us with a unique challenge—overcoming the consequences of insufficient ventilation that led to the untimely deterioration of roofing materials and shingles.

The initial inspection revealed that the lack of adequate ventilation had trapped moisture and heat, preventing the roof from 'breathing' and thus accelerating wear and tear. Further complicating the situation was the chimney's cricket—an essential water-diverting element—which was improperly designed, failing to effectively shed water due to incorrect pitch and flashing.

Our comprehensive solution involved a multi-faceted approach:

1. **Enhanced Ventilation**: We installed new soffit vents to ensure a continuous airflow through the attic space, enabling the roof to properly expel heat and moisture.

2. **Roof Replacement**: A complete tear-off and replacement of the existing roof was performed, Atlas Roofing materials designed to withstand the local climate demands.

3. **Chimney Cricket Reconstruction**: We meticulously rebuilt the chimney cricket in strict adherence to building codes, ensuring an optimal pitch and integrating superior flashing techniques for effective water diversion.

The outcome is a roof not just restored, but transformed—with improved longevity, performance, and compliance with current building standards. This project not only secures the integrity of the home but also enhances its aesthetic appeal, ensuring peace of mind for our clients for years to come.

We at Residence Roofing & Restoration take pride in our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver sustainable roofing solutions. Our Johnson City project stands as a testament to our expertise and dedication to our customers' satisfaction.

For those in need of expert roofing services, look no further than Residence Roofing & Restoration—where quality meets reliability above all.

Location: Johnson City, TN

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Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Signature Select Roofing System
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